Vympel - вымпел


Vympel Front


Vympel Back

Vympel Movement

 Only three original Vympal dial designs have been produced during the lifetime of the vympel watches, which were rebranded as Poljot De Luxe. A big thank you to Dashiell which provided all Vympel images.




A solid gold version has also been produced during the two years of production. They are extremly rare and the most collectable ones. For more details please refer to the following discussion thread. The watch above was made in the first half of 1963 according to the mark on it and because of the dial (МДМФ3), which is the earliest type of Vympel.

This watch was used by the CPSU to award Heroes of the Soviet Union in 1965 (20th Victory Day Anniversary) with special engravings on it's back.


Vympel Crystel


The original crystel of the Vympel watches where low profile as well hence the short second hand which wouldn't have fit under the cystle otherwise. Most of the replacement crystel do look like a mushroom from the side.

A good low profile replacement crystel can be found here


Timeline & Movement Logos

In 1961 the Soviet Ministry of Industry demanded a very flat watch with a thickness of the movement less than 3mm. The 1st Moscow Watch Factory came up with the 2209 movement, which was 22mm wide, 2.9mm high and utilises 23 jewels and was celebrated accordingly.

Mid of 1961 (July) the Vympel (‘pennant’) brand was born with this very thin movement. For almost a year (April 1963) a small quantities (the rumour is up to 1000) of Vympel watches were produced with the diamond 1st MWF logo.

The Vympel watches were produced from 1961 - 1963 by the 1st Moscow Watch factory until in 1963 the various brands were consolidated. All Vympel watches have the diamond shaped logo with the First Moscow Watch Factory code.

 logo fistmosk diamond

         1961 - 1963

         1 = First
  М Ч = Moscow Watch
      З = Factory    

 Paperwork / Watch Passport
luch passport explanation
On the day of purchase the new owner received a watch passport (paperwork) that provides proof of purchase, general information (see pics for explanation) about the watch. It was also a certificate of warranty with the conditions described on the back of the passport. On the far left side of the passport (missing here) is a Ticket n1 part, which was required for any warranty repair. It is very rare to get a watch with paperwork especially if the watch is in a good condition as well.
For more details please refer to the following thread