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As you can see the Poljot De Luxe is pretty much the same as the Vympel watch.

 Timeline / Movement Logo


In 1963, most of the factories went through consolidation and rebranding: all the separate Chistopol brands (Saturn, Mir, Volna, Kama, etc) became VOSTOK; all the separate Petrodvorets brands (Svet, Mayak, Baltika, Leningrad, etc) became RAKETA; and all the separate 1MWF brands (Vympel, Orbita, Kirovskie, Moskva, etc) became POLJOT. In 1975 Pojot logo was changed to a 'crown' logo but even today the Poljot watches are getting produced with modern and new designs.

As you can see most of the watches stayed the same (minor changes) only the brand name changed to poljot. So Poljot was born when the 1MWF brands were consolidated. The movement logo for the Poljot watches changed to the 1MWF pentagon logo.From 1963 on, the logo didn’t change on any 2209 movements from 1MWF. It was always the pentagon logo. The font on the dial changed over time: first serif, then sans-serif, then others.

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logo fistmosk pentagong

Poljot: 1963-1975

1 = First
М Ч = Moscow Watch
З = Factory



 Paperwork / Watch Passport
luch passport explanation
On the day of purchase the new owner received a watch passport (paperwork) that provides proof of purchase, general information (see pics for explanation) about the watch. It was also a certificate of warranty with the conditions described on the back of the passport. On the far left side of the passport (missing here) is a Ticket n1 part, which was required for any warranty repair. It is very rare to get a watch with paperwork especially if the watch is in a good condition as well.
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Note: Many thanks to Dashiell which provided some of the Poljot images.